Information About Our Trail Conditions Rating System

Great - Trail has a really good base with no bare spots or ice, no moguls and good flat, solid snow that will hold up to traffic.

Very Good  - Trail is flat with a good base, but there may be bare spots or ice here and there.

Good - Trail has decent riding, but may have bare spots, ice or rough sections here and there.

Fair - Trail has OK riding but may have partially filled water bars, bare spots, ice or rough sections.

Marginal - Trail is passable but may have thin snow, open water bars, bare spots, ice, rough sections or trees down.

Ungroomed - Could be any condition from Great  to Marginal. The trail is not groomed but is open to traffic.

Spring Conditions - Could be any condition from Great  to Marginal, but due to temps above freezing, the trail may not be able to be groomed and snow will be mushy.

Closed - You should not be on that trail at all.

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